Little Haven Values

Our core aim is to provide an outstanding early years education for the Millennial child. To have a setting that caters for children aged from three months to four years. To nurture the personality of each child to meet their individual needs through the Early Years Foundation stage.


  • We are passionate in providing a child care service that is accessible to all children irrespective of their social background.
  • We are committed to ‘what we say and what we do’, we operate with an open-mind, with honesty, with care and consideration, to every family individual need.
  • We put great consideration into the process of employing the right employees and investing in their career progression, we instil in them a sense of pride in the Little Haven way.
  • We believe in efficiency, honesty, loyalty and fairness. These are the core areas that we centre our services on. We try our hardest to deliver on our promise of ensuring each family’s needs are met and supported.
  • We believe in creating a fun-loving, creative and inspiring environment for children and adults alike to be able to achieve and aspire to their full potential.
  • We believe in excellent quality childcare with affordable transparent costs, that reflect the current market rates.