Equal Opportunities

At Little Haven we welcome diversity and consider it a valuable contribution to a positive learning experience. We believe that equal opportunity is a fundamental in developing a high quality early years curriculum. We protect the rights of each child and consider it essential to ensure that no one in our setting is disadvantaged on the grounds of race, gender, language, ability or culture.

We ensure that there are no discriminatory practices in our setting and try to counteract the negative discriminatory practices that sadly may be experienced in the wider community. We have the same high expectations of all our children we encourage them to be caring, confident and assertive in establishing their own identity.

Commitment to implementing this policy forms an integral part of our daily environment. We use many strategies and approaches to promote equal opportunity and develop positive self-esteem in all children, for example:

  • We give all children equal attention but realise that they are not all the same.
  • We encourage children to talk about their similarities, their differences and share their thoughts and feelings.
  • We expect all children and adults to show by their words and actions that they value and respect everyone in the setting.
  • We explain to the children that any name calling, racist or sexist comments or other discriminatory remarks or actions are wrong and why they are wrong.
  • We monitor and evaluate books and other resources to ensure that they promote equality, difference and increase children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • We monitor participation in activities to ensure all children, including those with special needs, have access to them.
  • We continually examine our attitudes – supporting, and educating each other by updating our knowledge and understanding through training, up to date research and government policy.
  • We encourage participation from all parents and carers through topic work, outings, formal and social meetings.