Spaces Available From September – Enrol Now

At Little Haven we care for children from the ages three months to four years. There is a registration fee to register your child at Little Haven or to be placed on the waiting list. This is to cover administration charges and is non-refundable. To register your child with us please click here to download a registration form.

A minimum of two consecutive days are required for children to attend. We offer half day sessions with a minimum of three sessions per week (a session is made up of a morning or afternoon slot) to ensure consistency for the child. From September 2022, Little Haven will require one whole term’s notice of leaving in writing if you no longer require a place. 

We offer Early years Funding for children aged 2, 3 & 4 years. This is a reduction in the monthly fees, applied during term-time for 15 hours or 30 hours per week each term. The funding is paid for 38 weeks of the year, but please note that amounts may vary each term. Note: children must be registered with us for at least 20 hours per week to receive 15 hours reduction and 40 hours per week to receive 30 hours. Please contact us to find out more.

We recommend that parents come for a visit to view the nursery and meet the team. To make an appointment to view the nursery, you can either email us at: – or telephone 07903543627 and one of our directors, Feona or Ade will show you around our setting.

For further information about our admissions and registration please see below.

To request our fees information please click here.


We use the following admission criteria which are applied in the following order of priority

  1. Children who have siblings who are already with us
  2. A child requiring a full-time place may have preference over one requiring a part-time place. This is dependent upon occupancy and room availability.

Once a child is on our waiting list as soon as a place becomes available, parents are informed, and a start date is agreed. Upon acceptance of a nursery place we require one month’s fees that we hold as a refundable deposit once the place is taken up. The deposit is refunded when two full calendar months’ notice is given.  The notice period will begin at the beginning of the month, a notice period cannot begin mid-month and cannot be given during a holiday period.

We are registered to accept government funding we offer free places for *two/*three-to-five-year olds for early learning sessions specified by the local authority. At Little Haven we currently provide funded places for children subject to availability. All funded sessions are now in line with the flexible arrangement as specified by the Government.

Prior to a child attending nursery, parents must complete and sign a contract and registration form. These forms provide the nursery with personal details relating to the child. For example, name, date of birth, address, emergency contact details, parental responsibilities, dietary requirements, collection arrangements, fees, and sessions, contact details for parents, doctor’s contact details, health visitor contact details, allergies, parental consent and vaccinations etc.

The numbers and ages of children admitted comply with the legal space requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  When considering admissions, we are mindful of staff: child ratios and the facilities available at the nursery.

At Little Haven we take great care to treat everyone as a person in their own right; with equal rights and responsibilities to any other individual, whether they are an adult or a child. We are committed to providing equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children and families according to their individual needs. Discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, race, religion or belief, marriage or civil partnership, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy, or maternity, ethnic or national origin, or political belief has no place within our nursery.

In addition, Little Haven is committed to upholding the following standards of British Values for all users of our service:

  • Democracy: Making decisions together
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual liberty: freedom for all
  • Mutual respect and tolerance: treat others as you want to be treated